The following is a list of The United Republic of Tanzania Ministries. Click to visit their respective websites.
The State House  
Vice President's Union Affairs and Environment  
Prime Minister's Office Policy and Coordination  
Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs  
President Office Public Service Management  
Ministry of Communication Science and Technology  
Ministry of Health & Social Welfare  
Ministry of Energy & Minerals  
Ministry of Industries Trade & Marketing  
President's Office Good Governance(POGG)  
Ministry of Water and Irrigation(MWI)  
Ministry of Agriculture Food Security & Cooperatives(MAFSC)  
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation(MFAIC)  
Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA)  
Ministry of Infrastructure Development(MoID)  
Ministry of Community Development Gender and Children  
Ministry of Lands Housing & Human Settlement Development  
Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism  
Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs  
Ministry of Defence & National Service  
Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development  
Prime Minister's OfficerRegional Administration&Local Government  
Ministry of Education & Vocational Training  
Ministry of Information Culture and Sports  
Ministry of Labour Employment and Youth Development  
Ministry of East African Cooperation