TSCP with the provision steps for launching Local Government Revenue Collection Information System (LGRCIS)

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TSCP with the provision steps for launching LGRCIS

The Tanzania Strategic Cities Project under the Prime Minister's Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, is undergoing a session of the User Acceptance Test (AUT) of the Local Government Revenue Collection Information System (LGRCIS) at the Arusha City Council in Arusha .

The Local Government Revenue Collection Information Systemi s the system designed to support enhanced local revenue collection with proper identification of the tax payer, invoicing, receipting, demand note generation, defaulter identification and facilitating electronic or online payment through a single payment gateway. This will prevent any leakage in revenue collection and that will encourage and ensure transparency, and it will support full reporting and analysis, by geography, payers, or revenue types. It will also support efficient follow-up and payment mechanisms, aided by GIS (Geographical Information System).

Moreover the system will identify all properties in the city and their owners, thereby facilitating a complete valuation roll. The system databases will include containing multiple sources of revenue (properties, billboards, companies paying service levy, business license, telecom towers, land rates, land sales, markets, etc). The key item is ensuring that all staff uses the system. The LGRCIS is designed to be a holistic system to support and improve all LGA functions and remove the inefficient silos and duplication that exist. The system is expected to be launched soon this year (2013).

Releasing her speech during the ongoing meeting, Ms Anna Mtani- Director for the division of Urban Developments said, “The objective of UAT is to determine whether the developed system meets the agreed requirements and to evaluate the readiness for operational use . This is an area that needs commitment by all users and change of attitude from manual electronic computer base mode of doing business in revenue collection”.

Ms. Mtani added that, The Test plan has been developed from which test cases will be conducted and deficiencies (if any) shall be formally documented. They will need to be resolved by the contractor before official launching. At the end of each test case, we shall fill in evaluation forms on the basis of which we shall sign off the system

The held meeting is comprised of Directors from PMO-RALG, City Director – Arusha CC, Project Coordinator WBWG, Project Team from PMO-RALG and Experts from Dayonesoftcom. The conference started on 19 th August and is expected to be finalized on 23 rd August.

Read the opening remarks by the director of urban development Ms. Anna Mtani

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